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Flag of Sweden

Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. It borders Norway to the west and north and Finland to the east, and is connected to Denmark in the southwest by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund, a strait at the Swedish-Danish border.


Sweden starts with a debt of $66.5 billion, and a budget deficit of $14.6 billion. A total GDP of $197 billion, with a per capita income of $22 197. An unemployment rate of 3.0%, a poverty line of 30.6%, and an inflation rate of 1.2% with 2.0% interest.

Sweden is a fully free-market economy in 2001, having an economic health percentage of 71.6%. It has a surplus in 5 sectors; electricity, wood and paper, iron and steel, precious stones, and retail sector. All of which are successfully sold into the global market.

Total population of 8.87 million in 2001. Birth rate of 0.9% and death rate of 1.0%. Giving a natural growth of -0.1% annually in 2001.

Begins with an infrastructure rate of 72.9% and telecoms rate of 78.2% in 2001.

Ranked 3rd in human development in 2001. Above Canada, below Norway.


Hosts a standing force of 71 016 active military personnel (ranked 24), 4346 land units (ranked 34), 387 air units (ranked 21), and 32 naval units (ranked 22).

Sweden has a rank of 25 in military strength in 2001, putting it above Belarus, and below Pakistan.

Sweden's most valued ground unit in 2001, is the "Strv 122 Leopard 2S" tanks; valued $3.3 million. Its second most valued ground units is the "Strv 121 Leopard 2" tanks; valued $2.7 million.

Sweden's most valued air unit in 2001 is the "JAS-39 Gripen" attack aircraft; valued at $28.1 million. Its second most valued air unit is the "AJ37 Viggen" attack aircraft, valued at $23.2 million.

Sweden's most valued naval unit in 2001 is the "Västergötland class SS" attack submarine, valued at $310 million. Its second most valued naval unit is the "Gotland class SS" valued at $254 million.

Sweden starts with ground tech varying between level 1 (lowest) and 4 (highest). Air tech varying between 1 (lowest) and 4 (highest). And naval tech between 2 (lowest) and 4 (highest). Does not have ballistic missiles researched, or in stock. AMD's are not researched. Sweden prioritizes air and naval technology by default.

Sweden's navy consists of 6 attack submarines (4 "Västergötland class SS" and 2 "Nacken class SS") 17 patrol crafts (3 Dalaro class, 8 Hugin class, and 6 Norrköping class). It also hosts 6 corvettes (4 Göteborg class, 2 Stockholm class).

Sweden has 8 units on sale in 2001: 350 "Pbv 501" infantry vehicles. 300 "40-mm L70" air defenses. 10 "LvKv-90" air defenses. 78 "Strv 122 Leopard 2S" tanks. 10 "155-mm Model 50" artillery guns, 29 "AB206 Jetranger" transport helicopters. 30 "AJ37 Viggen" attack aircraft's. And 3 "Gotland class SS" attack submarines.

All units parked; in total, the military budget of Sweden is $1.1 billion in 2001.


Sweden is a left-center multi-party democracy in 2001. With an approval rating of 79.8%, pressure rate of 0%, stability rate of 77.7%, and corruption rate of 7.5%.

3 laws are banned in Sweden in 2001: child labor, polygamy, and same sex marriage.

Sweden's default starting party is the Social Democratic Party. Holding 36.5% of the vote.

Gains 0.2% in population growth from human migration annually in 2001. With an immigration rate of 0.9% and emigration rate of 0.7%.

Sweden is not a member of any alliance in 2001.

Has +14 relations with Italy, +13 with Spain, Ireland, and France, +12 with Greece and Finland. Has -21 relations with Somalia and Eritrea, -8 with Iran and the Holy See.


Has 5 times the personnel count of all the Scandinavian countries combined in 2001.

Neglects spending in the Environment budget considerably, by default.

Has one language (Swedish, not official).

87% of the population are Lutheran in 2001. Second most practiced religion being Roman Catholicism at 3.9%. Muslims at third with 2.9%.

Total area; 449 thousand sq km, 63.6% consist of forests.