Superpower2 cover

Superpower 2 Cover

SuperPower 2 is a strategy war game developed by Canadian based GolemLabs and published by DreamCatcher Games. You may play with any of the 192 nations that are recognized by the UN and the Republic of China. You can make your own goals, or play without them.
Players set their own objectives and try to achieve them within a set time. The computer controls the other countries which have their own objectives. When objectives come into conflict or are similar, the player must manage these relationships and form alliances or go to war. Superpower 2 is a sequel to the original, Superpower.

** A tip for first-time players who may be confused or put off by the complexity of the game is to, at first, play with powerful, rich countries, such as the United States, or Saudi Arabia, or Russia, in order to learn the basics about the three spheres of the game. Then, when you feel you've learned enough, you could try your luck at playing with a third-world country to apply what you've learned to bring that country up to the level of the more developed countries. **


Game is based on three spheres: Political, Military, Economic.

Political Sphere

Political sphere consists of all political activity, domestic and international, of the selected nation. This sphere allows you to see (and modify if own nation is selected) internal laws, government type, and diplomatic agreements.

Military Sphere

Military sphere consists of all military and covert operations. This sphere allows you to buy, sell, build, train, deploy, disband a variety of military units. It also allows you to train "Cells" to strengthen your intelligence agency. Also strategic warfare is controlled from this sphere.

Strategic Warfare

Strategic warfare consists of nuclear missiles being launched from land based locations, or from submarines. Nuclear warfare is devastating for both the attacker and the victim. When a nuclear missile is launched and detonates in another nation, relations with nations around the world decline, depending on the importance of the nation attacked. The attacker's nation also becomes less stable, increasing chances of a revolution.

Economic Sphere

The economic sphere consists of all financial activities. From this area you will see (and if the people selected) income and expenses, as well as trade and taxes. You can ask your nation the interest rate, the income tax level, the rates and the level of spending in this area. You can also nationalize or privatize portions of your household.