FileFlag of Spain

Flag of Spain

Spain has a strategic position on the Strait of Gibralter and owns the Canary islands. It is part of the EU and NATO.


Spain's history goes back to the fall of Rome. When it was only a collection of small Iberian states trying to keep out hordes of Muslim invaders who wanted to call Iberia their own. This was the start of a nation that would claim Hegemony over the entire world for nearly 300 years. A nation that would build a empire from Manilla to Madrid, moving goods across the Europe, Asia and the Americas and rule over the first civilization in which the sun never set for over 400 years. Can you bring the land of Castilla to the power it once oversaw? Can you build from the ashes of the past a nation which will be the envy of all other nations? Will red and gold shine over the worlds oceans once again? Spain only needs a good leader. It has more than enough potential.