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Flag of Russia

Russia (Russian: Россия) also known as the Russian Federation (Russian: Российская Федерация) is an Eastern European (Slavic) country and the largest country in the world, spanning in Europe and Asia. Its capital city is Moscow. Russia was once a part of the Soviet Union, before its collapse on Christmas Day, 1991. The current president of Russia is Vladimir Putin.


Russia was created in 1547 as the Tsardom of Russia, After the Russian revolution of 1917 Russia became a communist dictatorship, it defeated Germany in WW2 and setup many communist states in eastern Europe most notably East Germany. In 1990 the Berlin wall fell and in 1991 the Soviet Union. Russia in the 1990s faced a economic collapse and a Chechen Islamic takeover in the Caucasus which Russia failed to crush in 1994 followed by a coup attempted in 1994 by Russian hardliners which further hurt Russia. The Russian economy collapsed again from 1997-1999 following a budget crisis. Russia promised to protect Serbia during the 1999 NATO bombings but could not do much. In 1999 Chechenya invaded Dagestan which led to Russia invading Chechenya again and this time successfully and by 2001 what remained of Chechenya was destroyed. After the economic crisis of 1997-1999 the Russian economy began to quickly recover. Russia is a majority Caucasian European nation with its religions being mostly Orthodox Christian, Atheist and SBNR with a Islamic minority.


The Russian political situation is shaky, Russia starts with:

  • 47.8% approval, low enough to lose the elections.
  • 53.5 stability.
  • 57.7% corruption with a 6.7 billion $ penalty.
  • A multi-party democracy.
  • A (incorrect) ruling communist party and a far-left government.
  • Abortion, Homosexuality, Child labor and polygamy illegal.


Taking the majority of the former USSRs military force, Russia has the 2nd strongest land, air and naval force with the 13th largest infantry force.

  • Land: 24300 strong, made up mostly of semi-outdated T-64s, slightly-outdated T-72s and semi-modern T-80s with a smaller number of modern T-90s and outdated T-55s. A mix of SA series cold war era SAMs and Zu/Zsu anti air guns and Tunguskas. A large amount of artillery guns. Semi-modern BMP-1/2/3s with outdated BTRs and MT-LBs. A variety of cold war era mobile launchers.
  • Air: 5700 strong, mostly made up of semi-modern MiG-29 Fulcrums and Su-27 Flanker-Bs and Modern MiG-31 Foxhound interceptors, with smaller numbers of outdated MiG-23 Floggers and semi-outdated MiG-25 Foxbat interceptors with the modern Su-30 Flanker-C. For attack aircraft Russia has the outdated MiG-27 Flogger and the Su-17 Fitter. with semi-outdated Su-24 Fencers and the semi-modern Su-25 Frogfoot. for attack helicopters Russia has the semi-outdated Mi-24 Hind with modern Ka-50s and Mi-28 havocs. Russia has many Mi series transport helicopters. Russia (incorrectly) starts off with no
    bombers unfortunetly, but can produce them.
  • Navy: 686 strong, ~250 ASW helicopters, a mix of cold war era destroyers, frigates, corvettes, and patrol craft and the flagship of the Russian navy: the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier.
  • Infantry: 157324 semi-trained men.
  • Strategic: Largest nuclear arsenal with somewhat outdated but potent cold war era missiles with Delta nuclear subs.
  • Large spy network


In 2001 the Russian economy was starting to quickly recover from a crippling budget crisis. In game the Russian economy starts with:

  • GDP: 1.1 trillion $ (10th largest)
  • GDP per capitia: 7700$ (semi-developed)
  • Economic health of 34.9%
  • Resources at 92%
  • A income of 116 billion $
  • Expenses of 162 billion $
  • 163 billion $ in debt
  • Free market
  • Personal income tax of 32.4%
  • 62.3% in poverty
  • Inflation of 20.6% (bad)

One thing that the Russian player should ALWAYS do in a game with nukes disabled is to disband ALL nuclear subs, this will free up ALOT of money.


Russia starts with:

  • Fair relations with the USA, Finland, Hungary, South Korea, Iraq and Mongolia
  • Good relations with Ukraine
  • Amiable relations with Bulgaria and Czech republic
  • Below average relations with the Gulf arab monarchies, North Korea and Iran and Syria and Estonia.
  • Unfriendly relations with Libya and Sudan
  • Sour relations with Eritrea and Somalia
  • Lamentable relations with Afghanistan.

Russia does not start in a military alliance.