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Germany, Flag of Germany

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany is a country in central-western Europe.


Germany starts off with a debt of 213 billion, and a budget deficit of 200 billion in 2001. An unemployment rate of 3.8%, poverty line of 25.1%, a starting inflation of 2.0%, with its economic health at 48.4%. Its GDP is $1.9 trillion (5th largest economy in 2001), with a per capita income of $23 000.

Resource-wise, Germany starts completely free-market, with a surplus in minerals, vehicles, machinery, and retail, all of which the country successfully exports to the global economy.


Germany initiates with 62 556 active personnel ( ranked 29), 6336 land units ( ranked 17), 1329 air units ( ranked 12), and 53 naval units ( ranked 15).


Germany is a center-left multi-party-democracy in 2001. With an approval rating of 75%, 0% pressure, 65.4% stability, and 19.5% corruption.

Three laws are banned in the country in 2001: child labor, polygamy, and same sex marriage.

Germany grows at 0.8% annually from human migration. With a starting immigration rate of 1.0% and emigration rate of 0.2%.


Having a population of 83 million, it is one of the most populous in Europe. Infrastructure of 21.7% and telecommunication at 66.6%.

Germany has a natural growth of -0.2% with a birth rate of 0.8% and death rate of 1.0% in 2001.

In total the country covers up to 357 021 square kilometers in 2001.

Ranked 20 in terms of human development in 2001. Above New Zealand, below Ireland.

Has 1 language spoken in the country (German) in 2001.