French Flag


France is a nation situated in western Europe. It borders Spain, Andorra, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and other countries through its outside territories. It has many allies in Europe and North America and is on good terms with almost every one.


At the start of the game, France's economical health is pretty low compared to its neighbours. It is in defficit and in debt, but this can be changed by a cut in several sectors which are over funded.


France begins as a multi party democracy, with a fairly high approval rating and a high stability rating. In terms of laws,

  • Freedom of Speech - Legal
  • Freedom of Demonstration - Legal
  • Woman Suffrage - Yes
  • Number of Children per Family - Unlimited
  • Abortion - Legal
  • Polygamy - Illegal
  • Child Labor - Illegal
  • Same Sex Marriages - Legal


France's ground forces are small, but still powerfull. They are split in many small groups accross the country. Its air force ranks 4th in the world, after the US, Russia and Italy (who posseses a large fleet of 200 B1 Lancers), and its navy is the 3rd in the world, after the US and Russia. It posses a few aircraft carriers and has access to nuclear power. Its nuclear arsenal is the world's 3rd largest after Russia and the US, but only possesses around 4 SSBNs with no ICBMs. Overall, France can take on small militaries with ease and may even be able to destroy larger ones due to its dominant air force and navy. Its nuclear arsenal is large enough to retaliate to any threat, making it safe for those who wish to make France develop.