The most populated country in the Middle East, and one of the most populated in Africa, home of the Nile and Pyramids. Bordered to the West by Libya, to the East by Gaza and Zionist Israel, to the South by Sudan, and Saudi Arabia and Jordan across the Gulf of Aqaba.


Economy based primarily on tourism and cotton, with a sizable oil industry, though not as large as its eastern or western neighbors. Has a somewhat low literacy rate in respect to it's regional neighbors, as well as a somewhat high population density, since 90% of the population is located along the Nile River. Economy is somewhat small and narrow-focused, which means that it needs some work in order to enlarge it and make it more flexible. Has potential to grow on its own, but for more immediate results, major reforms in the economy should be made, at the risk of the Egyptians obviously.


Egypt is a republic, with the most popular party being the National Democratic Party. It enjoys relatively good relationships with most of it's neighbors in the Middle East, especially Sudan, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Egypt is one of the few nations in the region with a neutral relationship towards Israel, which affects it's relationship with other Arab states, like the Gaza Strip and West Bank (aka Palestine), Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Lebanon. However, these relationships can always be improved to the benefit of Egypt, both in military and economic terms.


Egypt's ground forces rank 5th in the world, and the 1st in its region. Any ground war with its neighbors, provided they have no allies, will probably see Egypt win, making it possible to develop without worries affecting national security. Primary military rivals in the region are Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria (note: it would be a good idea to make these your allies instead of your enemies). The main rival to the Egyptian military is the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) which owns one of the largest and most advanced ground forces in the region. Egyptian military units include the Al-Fahd infantry vehicel, the M113 infantry vehicle, the T-55, T-62, Ramses 2 MBT, M60A3 Patton, 120S MBT, M1A1/M1A2 Abrams tanks. Egyptian air force units include the F-16 Falcon (Various Types) Mirage III, F4 Phantom II, MiG 21 F Fishbed, and the MiG 29.