Cuba is a country in North America.

Cuba (Geographic Map)


Cuba has a debt of $1,810,110,485 and has a significant deficit. Due to an Embargo with the United States, Cuba has no active trades.

Note: There is a bug in the game with Cuba. If you set export everything while government controlled, and quickly conquer Mexico, you will have a budget proficit of 2T+ dollars. This bug hasnt been detected with any other country. In order to get maximum profit, you must take over Mexico by 2002, which is quiet easy. Note that setting GTM will double or triple your income. This bug can be used to take over the world!


Cuba is a Single Party Democracy, led by the Cuban Communist Party. It has an approval rating of 48%, No Pressure, a stability rating of 42.7% and a corruption level of 42.7%.

Internal Laws


other - 14.9% Legal

Roman Catholic - 85% Legal


Spanish - 100% Legal


Freedom of Speech - Legal

Freedom of Demonstration - Legal

Woman Suffrage - Yes

Number of Children per Family - Unlimited

Abortion - Illegal

Polygamy - Illegal

Child Labor - Illegal

Same Sex Marriages - Illegal


Type Number Rank
Soldier 16211 80
Land 4003 38
Air 282 36
Naval 39 52

Cuba has not researched strategic forces or the AMDS system.