In this mod, the time period is set in the cold war between the Warsaw Pact and NATO and is set in 1985.

This modification includes:

- Eritria is still a part of Ethiopia. - Dem.Rep. of Congo is back to Zaire complete with old flag.  - Old flag of South Africa. - Unified Czechoslovakia. - Divided East and West Germany. - Added Yugoslavia and removed Macedonia. - Includes Ruges EHE11 Mod. - Increased units construction speed by a factor of 5. - NATO and Warsaw Pact alliances are now open for new members. - Iran-Iraq war, - Afghanistan occupied by the Soviet forces.

This mod was created by BBR, KGB and Yahoo.

There is also a Steam version of this mod.


The game can crash or the entire World may declare war on you if you invade Iceland due to a relation bug.

There is also a bug when you research Strategic Forces you cannot build and research nuclear missiles but instead you can only build and design Ballistic Nuclear Submarines. This can be fixed if you add a "unit_design.xml" file from the original SP2 file.